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Zsófia Szemző,
visual artist


Lives and works in Budapest, lived in Paris from 2008-2012 and 2006 and in France for several other shorter periods. Seeks humans place in nature, her interest leads to anthropological thinking, interpreting and highlighting interactions. Looking for synthesis. Her works are ironic. She builds, and deconstructs situations through the medium of drawing. She also researches the possibilities of narration in human interactions and stories. This aspect also takes her work towards participatory practices in certain projects.

Project participation:

 Stikli fanzine n°1 TuBisvat - 2020
The publication brings together projects related to the ecological aspects of the TuBishvat, with projects collected in the first issue of Stikli exploring the relationship between humanity and nature in relation to TuBishvat, with very different approaches, seeking their personal connection to nature, from observer position to intimate family stories. Artist Zsófia Szemző was the inventor, curator and layout designer of the publication.

The authors of the works appearing in the publication are:

Bernadett Alpern
Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop + Anna Zsoldos, 
Andrea Ausztrics/aula.co
Judit Fischer
Tamás Füredi
Blanka Győri
Dániel Halász
Hidegszoba Stúdió
Eszter Kiskovács
Csilla Nagy
Pálhegyi Flóra
Gábor Roskó
Zsófia Szemző 

Authors of the introductory text of this publication:

Szilvia Németh, art critic, curator and  Alessandro Pilo, environmental journalist, museum pedagogic Anna Kádár and Ádám Schönberger, head of the Marom Klub Association.

The publication was launched by ZSK2028, the art platform of Marom Budapest, funded by https://www.jhf.nl/ and coordinated by Anikó Félix together with Ádám Schönberger and Szabolcs KissPál.

Fanzine was printed by Hurrikan Press on 100% recycled paper, with riso printing, and can be purchased in person at the ISBN Gallery, Massolit Budapest, Lúdlabor.