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All About the Levkovices


Ádám Breier


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All About the Levkoviches is an exciting, grandfather-son-grandson Jewish family reunion story set in Budapest in the present day and starring renowned actors such as Zoltán Bezerédi, Tamás Szabó Kimmel, and Ági Máhr. 
The film is directed by Ádám Breier, cinematography by Zoltán Dévényi, visual design by Ágnes Bobor, sound design by Rudolf Várhegyi, production manager Veronika Nemes-Jeles, and produced by Miklós Kázmér, Ádám Felszeghy, and Andrea Ausztrics. The production received funding as one of the winners of the National Film Institute's Incubator program for first feature filmmakers. It was produced by ULab, and co-produced by Proton Cinema - on a relatively low budget, but with an excellent enthusiast cast. 
Most of the institutions and organizations of Hungarian Jewry, including ZSK, have also contributed to the film. The film was shot in July-August 2022 and post-production will continue until the fall of 2023.