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Réka Gregóczki- Minimarket, Gym/Synagogue


Réka Gregóczki

Within the framework of the ZSK 2020 mentoring program, three mentors, Andrea Ausztrics, Tamás Don and Szabolcs KissPál, and three mentored artists, Réka Gregóczki, Szonja Dorottya Koltay and Rozina Pátkai participated. The completed works were presented together on November 5, 2020, in an exhibition in Aurora. The present video works were made by Réka Gregóczki.

Minimarket - 2020, Zenta
“The basic concept of the video focuses on the fact of confiscations of property affecting local (Zenta, Serbia) Jews. During and after World War II, many social groups suffered from various atrocities. In Serbia, a mass of local residents were deprived of their personal property (also) due to the consolidation of the Tito system. The measures and tragedies of past systems have been so close in time that they have not only come into contact but in many cases overlapped, making it an extremely difficult process for a researcher or artist to determine who was deprived of their property for what reasons. The causes of wealth measures affecting local Jewry are also difficult to trace due to the overlapping events of the past. The house in the picture is the outer, facade part of the inner courtyard seen in the video entitled Common Folk Property, which was once owned by Vilmos Deutsch, a citizen of Zenta. The owner returned from Auschwitz at the age of 74 after he lost his entire family. The Hungarian document still exists in which Vilmos Deutsch, according to the laws of the time, rightfully reclaimed his confiscated property as a Jew. His application was then rejected, until today Zenta's one of the most impressive civic buildings is still owned and used by the municipality. Without a living relative, repatriation is impossible. Vilmos Deutsch eventually settled in Israel and we know nothing about the last years of his life. A store was later opened in the side wing of the house. The term discont (store) comes from the Latin word discomputus. Dis means no or denial of something. The word computus means: count, calculate, mattered. When we read the words together in this way, we get the following phrase: it doesn’t matter, it didn’t matter. ”

Gym / Synagogue - 2020, Zenta
“This video is based on a more personal experience or impression. The shooting was made on a winter evening in the interior of the Zenta Synagogue, which now functions as a gym. The gas convector, which provides heating, conducts heat to the main square of the synagogue through industrial pipes as ceiling heating. In this case, the building is completely silent in the evenings and only the crackling of the fire and the gas pipes can be heard. The recording focuses on aspects of the fire symbol. If we think of the venue as a gym, our pleasant feelings remain, if we look at the venue of the scene as a synagogue, we can associate from the gas heating to the destructive symbol of fire and furnace, which can be associated with a completely different, painful connection with the Holocaust. ”