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Rozina Pátkai


Within the framework of the ZSK 2020 mentoring program, three mentors, Andrea Ausztrics, Tamás Don and Szabolcs KissPál, and three mentored artists, Réka Gregóczki, Szonja Dorottya Koltay and Rozina Pátkai participated. The completed works were presented together on November 5, 2020, in an exhibition in Aurora. The present work is an online version of Rozina Pátkai's board game Zikaron.
In the form of a board game, Zikaron raises issues of the social responsibility of the Holocaust: a card game, the elements of which are the Pátkai family's business card album, the players stack the life paths on the back of the cards according to the rules or breaking them.
“I’ve been flipping through our nearly-century-old family photo album for years. The personal stories of my ascendants come to life on the backs of business cards handwritten by my grandmother: labor service, deportation, hiding, the horrors of the Holocaust. From the business cards, I made cards on which life stories can be read in their original form.
Visitors to the website must find the back cover on the front of the cards, and the associated story must be paired with each photo. If you move the cursor over the cards in the bottom row, the cards will enlarge and the writing will become readable. If the match is correct, the cards are arranged in two groups: those who survived the war and those who never returned. ”

The project is available at: http://rozinapatkai.com/zikaron/